The play «Sirena and Victoria»

The play «Sirena and Victoria»

What can unite two different, absolutely not similar to women? Siren - a bright, charismatic and pragmatic business-woman, looks at the world without rose-colored glasses, not supplying any illusions. Victoria - thin and delicate nature with a doctoral degree who is forced to look for jobs in tutoring English. Both of these women are in their own happy - they have a favorite work, but at her door waiting for them loneliness and lack of implementation in the personal life - the husband of Victoria went to another siren drowns his loneliness in a glass of wine ... But each in his heart nourishes the secret hope meeting with the only thing that will change her destiny forever ... what will it be like appear before her?

Scoffer, fate sends the ladies of the one who does not fit into this sublime image: on the threshold of a Moscow apartment by chance appears Constantine - the astronomer, who earns a living-haired dogs ... But erupted feelings do not ask permission - born in the eyes of spectators classic love triangle with a very modern sound.

Coordinated actor's game, kind and easy plot, a lot of comic situations, light irony and subtle humor, complex issues sounding in the play at ease, by the way - all this can be called the statement an excellent choice for the evening, which will not disappoint either young or mature audiences.

Genre: Drama, Comedy
Director: R. Manukyan
Author: Galin
Actors: T. Kravchenko, O. Zhelezniak, M. Politseymako
Running time: 2 hours 15 minutes with one intermission.

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