The play «I Want to Buy Your Husband»

The play «I Want to Buy Your Husband»

Parade of comedies for the 100th anniversary of the Great Russian Artist Georgy Vitsin.

Once in a family house is for ... razluchnitsa sell her unfaithful spouse for two hundred thousand dollars. Like this, to put it mildly, unusual situation goes deceived wife? The heroine of the comedy is a very original solution. The role of the witty lady takes the Honored Artist of Russia Elena Safonova, as the hapless husband - People's Artist of Russia Valentin Smirnitskiy and mountain-buyers plays a young talented actress Maria Klimova.

Genre: Comedy
Performance Director: Olga Shvedova
Artist: Natalia Maximova
Starring: Valentin Smertinsky, Maria Klimova, Elena Safonova

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