The play «Most-Most»

The play «Most-Most»

Paris. Typical French metro station. Trains, scurrying in different directions. And among the ever-changing scenery incoming and outgoing people - two. Mathieu and Roxana. They are united in case someone is still believe in chance. But these two just in case pushing each other, completely changing their lives. First - lovers, with time - best friends who help each other overcome various troubles, for a long time dream of a new life expanses, together engaged in shooting the film.

For them, all that - routine, so they do not even notice that a good long time in love with each other. Only time opens his eyes to two romantically-minded pragmatists. And this revelation is stunning in no time pulls them out of everyday life, making the surrounding reality into something completely unknown and full of adventure ...

Comedy is gently and tenderly touches the soul of the viewer plasticity of movements and melodious music, it picks up and carries on the raging waves of the dance, it awakens to life the hidden feelings of all in one sentence, a pair of unforgettable music. For two hours the audience has time to go through with the actors true love, come to know the passionate desire to plunge into the maelstrom of jealousy and resentment of the strongest. And then - to experience the healing power of forgiveness.

Genre: Comedy
Director: n.a.Rossii I.Bochkin
Actors: n.a.Rossii I.Alferova, n.a.Rossii I.Bochkin, I.Sokolovsky, A.Lymarev
Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission

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