The ballet «Sleeping Beauty»

The ballet «Sleeping Beauty»

Mikhailovsky Theatre continues to surprise: on the stage Spaniard Nacho Duato read the classic story of Sleeping Beauty in a new way. Music by Tchaikovsky, with whom the director has worked on stage for the first time, fell in love with him at first sight - and the famous Spaniard managed to saturate it with new notes of his talent.

The plot of the classic story is familiar to every viewer from childhood: on the day of the birth of Princess Aurora, the evil sorceress predicts her death by injection spindle reaches of the 16th anniversary. However, the Lilac Fairy Godmother could soften the curse - not overtake the princess's death, and only a deep sleep, and with it the whole kingdom will fall asleep. He saves them all in love with a prince. Kissing Woman sleeping soundly ...

Nacho Duato recreates on stage an amazing atmosphere of magic, permeated with subtle humor and a warm romantic atmosphere. The director departs from classical ballet - he avoids mime and theater. Saturating play amazing fusion of dance and music, where every gesture - thought out and appropriate. The director managed to achieve harmony with the troupe staged each of the artists could open in the formulation of their talent and depth of personality - in the words of Nacho Duato, he sewed clothes for them the role by their standards. Therefore, performance of "Sleeping Beauty" directed by Michael distinctive, interesting and fascinating - both for adults and for young viewers.

Genre: Ballet
Directed by: Nacho Duato
Actors: Mikhailovsky Theatre Troupe
Premiere: December 16, 2011.
Running time: 2 hours 50 minutes with two intermissions.

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