The play «Dawns Here Are Quiet»

The play «Dawns Here Are Quiet»

Military spring of 1942. Poluvzvod gunners who temporarily found themselves in the rear of pleasure, toil of idleness. Stay away from big battles, bored soldiers find no other entertainment than alcohol and women. Worried about the commander asks authorities to send him soldiers drinking and mental toughness. And bosses finally satisfy his request, but not in the manner imagined this sergeant Fedor Vaskov. It is easier to him this does not become. Now the commander there quite different problems ...

An amazing and touching story of Boris Vasilyev has been on the theater stages of many theaters. But in the theater staged "Workshop" actors are arranged in it the accents. On the stage, the play is not about the war and the heroism of women, and about women's nature, which is not even in mild conditions allow women to be women. This is a play about love and tenderness, purity and beauty, coquetry and naivete, cunning and wisdom, which are stronger than fear and waiting for death at every corner. Acutely sensing every moment, enjoying every minute of life, anti-aircraft gunner girls fed the viewer to understand the absurdity of war and violence, even death claiming his celebration of life, beauty and femininity.

Director: Polina Nevedomskaya.
Actors: A. Semenov, K. Grishanov A. Aref'eva, A. Artyomov Valeshnaya M., K. Morozov
M. Polikarpov, A. Mareeva, P. Sidikhin.
The premiere: September 2nd, 2011
Running time: 3 hours with one intermission.

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