Timur Shaov

Timur Shaov

DK im Gas invites you to visit the author's program of Timur Shaova. The Timur Shaova's creativity is very versatile and unique. He is the author and performer of his own songs, which differ amazingly realistic staging of socio-political problems, presented in a fairly upbeat sound. In the theatre Timur Shaov associated with Mikhail Zoshchenko, thanks to the ironically-life-lyrics.

Russian bard is not only in the cities of our country and the CIS, but also in many countries of Europe and also in Israel, Canada and the United States. His work is a unique fusion of talent to write music, and philosophical songs that reflected everything that is happening in our time. Timur Shaova's songs – it's like ironic and hilarious story of different times and peoples, but all of what is said in them is perfectly placed on the existing reality.

You will enjoy hearing the songs of the famous Russian bard. Purchase tickets to explore the works of talented and bright contemporary touch with the beautiful and lyrical music, heartfelt words.

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