Musical performance «Mother-Cat»

Musical performance «Mother-Cat»

The basis for the musical production of "Mama Cat" was the idea of ​​the search itself and its essence in any, sometimes an unexpected situation. In setting the center - a fascinating story of living in the port of cats, which by chance had to take on the education of the cub gulls. And now, the moment comes when the chick, convinced that he was a kitten, ask the "mother" why his wings ... now four cats to be a difficult task - to teach the chicks to fly ...

Setting Noskov gathered together and inspired by interesting and profound theme of experienced actors in St. Petersburg, alloy together a different theatrical genres that will please the viewer a beautiful choreography and stunning vocal numbers.

This self-contained performance - an excuse and reason to think and to talk with the younger children about many important things in life, such as the search for self and the ability to be happy, regardless of the environment, the ability to distinguish the important from the secondary, to appreciate the goodness and evil - see under any guise ...

Modern, entertaining, relevant, exciting, touching and philosophical - all these characteristics accurately reflect the essence of multi-faceted performance "Mother-cat", which is perfectly suitable for family viewing.

Genre: Children's play
Director: Alexander Noskov
Actors: S. Safronov, A. Gulyaev, A. Bayrakovskaya, Murzagaliev A., B. Shalagina, Red O., R. Nikitin D. Kolesnikov, A. Vasiliev, T. Bushuyev, Plesheshnikov A., S. Amosov, Shpynev A., B. Malevsky, Denisov, A. Butsuk, E. Malewska, Polienko M., K. Kitanin, Kolobaev O., E. Romanova
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission

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