Tour «Secrets of old Petersburg»

Tour «Secrets of old Petersburg»

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    July 28, Saturday 14:00
    800 - 1000 rub.
    Recommended age 6+
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Each city carefully keeps its secrets. But from time to time they do come to the surface in any work of art, the painter on canvas or in the memoirs of veteran. The tour is dedicated to just this here, accidentally discovered the secret of the greatest city in the world - Saint-Petersburg.

At the heart of the city, for example, you can stumble upon a house, which once sounded the predictions about the future. They have come true, and the legend of this still mysterious haze envelops the building. Another event described Pushkin and Vyazemsky it remembered. It happened in the Konyushennaya Office and amazed many.

Travelers through the mysterious places of old Peter is also in touch with the mystique of the city. Who has not heard about ghosts roaming the halls of the palace of the Mikhailovsky Castle or the Winter Palace! And on one of the squares of the city notorious can meet the very real Kikimora. Or even someone pozamyslovatey.

Tour themes and unusual, which will come into contact with the mysterious events that happened in the history of St. Petersburg life. The death of the Emperor Alexander the First, which is still mysterious rumors go. Or a terrible person - Rasputin, near the house which will be one of the stops. Women play a special "fatal" role in the history of the Russian state. And John VI of, known more as "Iron Mask" ...

The program includes: the Menshikov Palace, hearty market, Peter and Paul Fortress, Millionnaya Street, Mansion Demidov, Rasputin's house (no site visits)
Duration: 3 hours
Gathering the group and departure: Arts Square, 3 (in front of the Mikhailovsky Theatre)

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