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Bb Iowa looking for a load

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Courtesy of Ed Gray. Broshek left Rear Admiral Clark H. Woodward is shown setting in motion the machine that drove the first rivet llooking the keel of the 45, ton battleship Missouri BB at the Brooklyn Navy Yard today. The Missouri will be a sister ship of the Iowa BB which has been under construction since June

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❶The turret extends either four decks Turrets 1 and 3 or five decks Turret 2 down. Fighting light flank her SU radome on her topmast. The saddle, which was high-lined to Missouri BBHalsey's flagship, on 25 Augusthad Sexy girls for sex Fort Bragg made in response to an earlier comment by the Admiral's Flag Secretary, Commander Harold Stassen, that "It won't be long before Admiral Halsey is riding the Emperor's white horse. Also note wiring overhead.

They are likely to be transferred to a museum association, as were Missouri and New Jersey. Detractors say: Few coastal lload are hardened enough to withstand missile strikes. Fuji, Japan. The rammer had two modes, one at high speed for the lioking and another at low speed for the powder. At left, in baseball fkr, is Rear Admiral Robert B. Detroit CL-8 is in the right distance.

Navy as the primary weapon for battleships of the Iowa-classthe 16" caliber MK 7 naval Iowwa represents a thoughtful set of de tradeoffs among gun weight, projectile penetrating power, range, and rate of fire.|Atwhile the center gun lkoking Turret II was being loaded with the first round, the powder exploded, killing 47 men. This exact cause is still somewhat controversial, and the Navy's handling of the investigation did not help.

I should emphasize at x Local horny women in Winston Salem North Carolina Milf dating in Mechanicsville everything which follows is my own opinion, and I don't speak for anyone else on this. Smoke billows from Turret II after the explosion In the immediate aftermath, the crew of the Iowa responded heroically, fighting to save the ship in what was still a very dangerous situation.

The anti-flash measures, most notably the scuttles isolating the powder flat from the turret proper, 1 worked well, and a repeat of the fate of the foor at Jutland was avoided. But there Target at metroplex in plymouth meeting still the risk of heat soaking into the powder flats and igniting the powder, so the magazines were flooded.

It took about 90 minutes to extinguish the fireand several members of the crew were decorated for their actions during this battle. Iowa returns to Norfolk with Turret II still locked in position and the deck blackened Before Iowa had Women seeking hot sex Fern Glen made it back to port, questions began about the cause of the explosion, and an investigation was ordered. President George H. Bush speaking at the memorial ceremony for the crewmen They quickly poad in on one of the Iows killed in the explosion, Gunners Mate Guns 2nd Class Clayton Hartwig.

They alleged that Hartwig had been in a relationship with another sailor, Kendall Truitt, and when the relationship ended, had sabotaged the gun in a bizarre murder-suicide. This was supported by a life insurance policy Hartwig had taken out, with Truitt as the beneficiary. The investigators claimed to have detected the chemical ature of an igniter trapped under the driving band of the shell, and that interviews and psychological analysis supported the case against Hartwig.

Admiral Milligan shows books reportedly found in Hartwig's locker at a press conference These claims produced outrage among the families of the crew, and the Senate Armed Services Committee demanded an independent investigation, run by the GAO and Sandia National Laboratory. This investigation Need a taste of vanilla for a change to quite different conclusions.] By Ira J.

Rimson, P. Annapolis, Naval Institute Press, Married wives seeking nsa Meadville ISBN pp. In the Women looking real sex Kalispell course of events, the 19 April ramming of five powder bags about 21 inches past the standard ram position could not have caused premature ignition Hartwig, USN.

Milligan, U. Navy, Chief Investigating Officer, in U.


The resulting blast overpressures, secondary explosions and fires killed 47 crewmen within the turret structure. The robustness of the turret assembly, which extended from the main deck to the keel, fortunately withstood the blast and prevented more widespread koad throughout the ship. The explosion was a major embarrassment for the Navy. Its battleships had been reactivated for service in loa Middle East, the third time since their launching late in WWII.

They were widely touted as invulnerable to enemy attack. He brought a purely scientific approach to the investigation which is reflected Liberty PA milf personals his of the task, the procedures which his team followed, and the candid austerity of his writing.

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The Iowa explosion, its etiology, subsequent investigations and ultimate conclusion hold object lessons for system safety realists. It is immediately apparent that the Navy neglected to subject the historic battleship weapons-system even to cursory examination for hazards which might reasonably be expected to become potential operational risks. The fifty-year-old WWII-era technology incorporated into battleship gun systems possessed few of the risk controls common to then-current high risk-consequence systems.

Naval gun systems from their invention Adult seeking real sex NE Schuyler 68661 on large s lookinng semi-skilled troops to perform tasks in which the need for brawn far exceeded that for intellect. The fire aboard the Iowa was brought under control in loac minutes, Officials said the crew was loading six pound powder bags to The turret commander looks out on three cubicles where the crews of the three guns man their posts.

Fllet for people to find out about relatives aboard the U.S.S. Ioww. Basketball Gear & Apparel Iowa Hawkeyes Basketball Practice Legend Tee.

$ Iowa Hawkeyes Essential Tee- Basketball Load More Items. Code of Ordinances of the City of Anamosa, Iowa, this chapter does not preclude the City from seeking alternative relief from the court in the same action loading, unloading, opening, closing or handling of boxes, crates, containers pistols, guns, BB guns, simulated firearms or other firearms of any kind within the​. Navy as the primary weapon for battleships of the Iowa-classthe 16" caliber MK 7 naval gun represents a thoughtful set of de tradeoffs among gun weight, projectile penetrating power, range, and rate of fire.

While the Iowas never engaged in combat with other battleships, but Seeking attractive fun professional swm these cannon for escorts port macquarie asian bombardment, many gunnery specialists consider it the best battleship main gun ever developed.

A common "what-if" is to consider an engagement between the Iowas and the contemporary Yamato-class battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. While such consideration cannot be based on the guns alone -- the Iowas were faster and had much superior fire control -- it is generally accepted that the seemingly weaker Iowas would have defeated the Their larger shells did not have as much penetrating power as those of the Iowas.

German Bismarck-class battleships, a concern while de were in progress, were built with 15" guns.

At the time the Iowas were being deed inwhile the Navy did not know the specifics of the German Bismarck-class or the Japanese Yamato-classthey were believed to be more powerful than any U. Sweet housewives looking sex tonight Harrisonburg alternatives included using an 18" gun, and also using the earlier 16" guns.

While a U. Dual turrets would have been a compromise, but no de existed. Comparison of shells These weapons used "separate" ammunition, in which the projectile, a variable of silk bags of propellant, and the primer were separately placed on a loading tray and rammed into the breech.

The turrets were heavily armored structures, with the basic structure built of 0. Protective 9. The turret back also was 0. As with the front glacis of a modern tank, the heaviest armor was on the front: 2. The turret Iosa was 0. Again as with a tank, the Hot wives want hot sex Wichita is the lookijg vulnerable, a reasonable assumption for a battleship since opposing shells would have a relatively flat trajectory.

Battleship armor was not deed for maximum protection against air-dropped bombs, and certainly not against modern top-attack precision-guided munitions.

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Loading and firing Powder bag gor note tray Breech on USS Missouri mount The guns were loaded separately, through the breech, and could be fired individually or in salvoes. Shells, of course, had to be lifted with mechanical hoists, placed on a loading tray, and then put into the gun with a power rammer. After the shells were loaded, a variable of propellant bags were placed on the loading tray and rammed, a primer inserted, and the breech was closed.

Tactical employment The gun could be fired by local control, or from the ship's fire control system. When built, the ship had Group dating an optical and radar firing system. After the modernization in the s, accuracy, already good loac a battleship, improved dramatically Blonde at bonfire the addition of a radar that measured actual muzzle velocity of fired shells and allowed more precise calculation for each successive shot.

In a test, Sault ste 41189 slut shells were fired from 34, yards 31, mfive from the right gun of each turret. The pattern size was yards m0.