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Tickets to the theaters of St. Petersburg - a dip in the celebration of art

Do you think the theater begins with a hanger? And here and there! Theater begins with the purchase of a ticket for representation. Every day dozens of very different performances, magnificent operas, musicals, dance poems and much more happening on the stage of St. Petersburg theaters.

On our site you can explore not only the history of the theater, but also a short summary of the upcoming event. Once you choose liked event, you can buy tickets online.

We offer the most complete list of theatrical events in the city, taking into account their location and the nature of the event. If you are interested in opera, you will not need to view a general list of ideas, you can choose the subcategory "Opera" and the site itself will generate for you a list of current events for which tickets are available.

The cultural life of the city is boiling and changing, and we offer you to stay up to date with all of its new products and productions, performances - theater awards nominees. Favorite artists and the best performances - all this information is collected on Buy tickets for yourself, for your family and friends - no extra charges and overpayments. Watch the theatrical life of the Northern Capital, and we will help you in buying tickets for the performances.