Oleg Pogudin

Oleg Pogudin

Oleg Pogudin - the leading Russian performer in the genre of romance and lyrical song - will present his new concert program under the title "Dear Long. The tragic tenor of the era. " The premiere of an incredibly bright and at the same time heartfelt lyric performance took place on the stage of the Kremlin Palace on December 22, 2017. At the heart of the concert program are the songs of the legendary Alexander Vertinsky, the repertoire of P. Leshchenko, J. Morfessi, V. Kozin, reinterpreted in the unique presentation of the "silver voice of Russia" by Oleg Pogudin ...

The artist devotes his new program to a year of memories and reflections on the tragic events that took place exactly a century ago. He invites his listeners and spectators to travel along the roads of artists and poets of the early XX century. Oleg Pogudin in his speech will reveal the beauty of the songs of that time and show the drama of the fate of those people whom we still admire. "Expensive long" the guests of the event will go together with the legacy of "tragic tenors of the era", "vagabonds and artists", whose songs shaped the image of their captivating and turbulent time and left a generation of love and beauty to the young generations.

Singer Oleg Pogudin is appreciated for his wonderful "silver" voice, serious approach to creativity, as well as to the musical style and striving for the aesthetic ideals of the XIX century ....


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