The opera «La Boheme»

The opera «La Boheme»

The famous Puccini opera travels triumphantly on the theatrical stage since 1986. In addition, each of the production director is trying to creatively rethink the story and to find in it something of their own, unique, making a unique statement.

In the interpretation of the opera in the theater "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" is a major conflict between the daily life and dreams. This is a story about eternal peace, women and men - beyond time and space.

Brilliant director Alexander in his creative search depart from the classical academic reading of the opera. The director leads the viewer's eye from his usual theatrical scenery on stage - the main focus of his statement focused on the brilliant music of Puccini and its understanding by young soloists. He immerses viewers into the depths of human relationships, forcing the actors to expose them to life itself, which absorbs a whole scene and the theater itself. Organically semantic accents opera, its lyricism and exciting melodies become fertile ground for opening the vocal talents of young opera singers.

According to director Yuri Alexandrov, the opera "La Boheme" - a story of daring and full of strength twenties, which easily penetrates the soul as the youngest and adults mature audiences.

Performed in Italian
Libretto by: Giuseppe Giacosa, Luigi Illica the novel by Henri Murger "Scenes from the Life of Bohemia"
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere of the opera: February 4, 2011
The duration of the opera: 2 hours 10 minutes


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