The opera «La Traviata»

The opera «La Traviata»

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Winner of the St. Petersburg's most prestigious theater prize "Golden Soffit" 2004-2005 gg.

In 1853, when the world premiere of the opera "La Traviata", the secular public was shocked by the audacity of the author and directors. Verdi main heroine became a courtesan - a fallen woman who knew how to feel, suffer and love - and this challenged modern society, exposing his rotten morals. After the opera with the scandal failed, the author decided to give her a second chance, softening the sound transference urgency of action in the past - for 150 years.

Directed by Yuri Alexandrov followed Verdi also plays with time, moving story of a courtesan today. She gets into a situation where, in order to survive, there is only one way out - to sell their bodies. The feeling of despair and longing gnaw her soul, and not to lose ourselves - Violetta, like many women of her position, begins to live the dream of a charming prince who will save it.

Dream gives girl power, allows not to fall to the bottom. The viewer is experiencing along with the woman tragedy disappointment outwardly prosperous world in which so wants to get into character, steeped in corruption of human relationships ... And then Violet, to abandon his dream of the beloved, it tends to die among those who will be able to understand and appreciate its action ... However, destiny disposes otherwise.

Relevance and depth of the issues raised, the opera touches viewers to the core - how many years ago, and in a modern setting.

Libretto: by Francesco Piave based on the drama of Alexander Dumas' La Dame aux Camelias "
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere: 14 July 2005
Running time: 2 hours 30 minutes


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