The operetta «The Beautiful Helen»

The operetta «The Beautiful Helen»

Operetta by Jacques Offenbach based on the events described in Homer's "Iliad". However, the director of the theater is coming to the Trojan War with his usual creative rethinking. In his interpretation is clearly traced two main themes - the beautiful and the ugly, which are closely intertwined in the formulation, as well as in life.

The majestic and pathetic life of gods and kings, here becomes grotesque, parodic sound: from Alexandrov they become characters in the comedy subject to all human weaknesses and vices. Acute graceful humor, ironic mockery of envy and stupidity, vanity and lust for power, envy and lust permeate the entire formulation, which makes the history of antiquity, close and understandable to modern audiences.

Quite a different love story between sounds by Paris and Helen - is staging the author does not skimp on the beautiful aria, graceful scene, fine game of actors.

The premiere of the operetta took place in Paris, the Variety Theatre in 1864, and two years later she was executed the same troupe on stage Michael. The authors of the libretto by the composer became permanent co-authors A. Meilhac and L. Halevy, in Russian it was transferred three times: M. Halperin, A. Argo and Shershenevich. In this setting, use the translation V. Konstantinov and B. Ratzer.

Libretto: Vladimir Konstantinov Boris Ratser
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere: January 28, 2007
The duration of the opera: 2 hours 50 minutes


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