Gala concert «Viva Strauss»

Gala concert «Viva Strauss»

Waltzes by Johann Strauss have a special, mesmerizing appeal. They seem to invite a stroll along the banks of the Danube ( "On the Beautiful Blue Danube") or listen to the birds singing, enthusiastically welcoming the arrival of spring ( "Voices of Spring"). Among the most wonderful harmony waltz tunes and there are celebrations of the composition, forcing instantly assume a dignified air ( "Emperor Waltz"). A magic natural magic "Tales from the Vienna Woods" embolden even the fallen spirit.

They say, the melody of "Big waltz" was born in the heart of Strauss during his riding along a forest road. Creaking old coach, ringing hooves frisky bay, joyful roll flighty birds spurred the imagination of the composer's music ...

The program of the gala concert includes a number of exciting works of Strauss, written by him under the influence of natural beauty, as well as musical fireworks the brightest fragments of his Viennese operettas ( "The Gypsy Baron" and "The Bat"). Music possessed the soul of the composer's early years and did not leave until his death. Wherever he was, his heart instantly tuned to the sound of the internal space, the environment, and his hands began tapping a new melody or conducting an invisible orchestra. His music is now even recognized by the incredible sound delightful, luxurious and unique musical patterns completeness of the content.

The duration of the concert: 2:00


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