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"Lefty" - the most famous novel by Nikolai Leskov. In Russia it is known by all. Leskov's novel provides a wealth of material for the opera scene. The very plot of the story - the grotesque exaggeration. What's this? Biblical parable Fair farcical myth epic story? Bright, juicy, contrasting characters. Russian tsars Alexander I, Nicholas I, the Winter Palace, the English royal court. Slapstick and tragedy. Laughter through tears...

And if you look a little deeper, then the obvious juxtaposition of the two art forms of life - the rational and the irrational Russian British.

And finally, the main character. Oblique illiterate craftsman from Tula "with golden hands". It focused, I think, important and typical features of Russian national character: a distinctive talent, savvy, self-irony, indifference to human life, the fatal passion for alcohol. And the eternal Russian theme - the power and the common people. Uselessness of genius in his homeland...


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