Academic Symphony Orchestra

Academic Symphony Orchestra

This is the only band who survived during the siege of Leningrad. And not only survived, but also continue to exist even in unimaginable conditions created by the war.

In 1931, the Symphony Orchestra found its rebirth under the watchful eye of Karl Eliasberg. Thanks to this conductor in the 40-ies in St. Petersburg there is historically important event that struck the entire world. Under the leadership of the Seventh Symphony sounded Eliasberg wonderful composer Dmitri Shostakovich. As if there was no war, there was no blockade of Leningrad did not die on the streets of thousands of people. It was the sound of triumphant life. And they sounded through the courage and heroism of the musicians of the symphony orchestra of the St. Petersburg Philharmonic.

Since then, the ensemble has changed a single leader. From 1977 up to the present time it operates Alexander Dmitriev. International festivals of different levels and in different countries have witnessed miraculously the execution of works of Rachmaninoff and Handel, Honegger and Tchaikovsky, as well as a number of composers, whose work can overcome any human hatred or misunderstanding. Music - a syllable of Eternity and the Academic Orchestra is proved.


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