The opera «Tosca»

The opera «Tosca»

Each of the directors, referring to the wealth of world classics, trying to find something different, stick out and expose the themes and storylines, which seems to him relevant and timely. No exception and production director of the theater "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera," which in the history of the fallen woman, told V. Sardou and taken up by the music of Verdi, saw the story of creative people who are trying to find themselves in this world.

Opera invites the viewer to plunge into a difficult, full of passionate creative impulses and conflicts among people who live simultaneously in two worlds - art and the ordinary. This is the story for those who can not imagine their lives without inspiration, who writes and composes to reconcile a normal life and the creative impulses of the soul. This is a story about the difficult relationship of the tyrant and the artist.

Choosing art and love - a man fatally risks in a society that does not forgive such a choice. But those who know the joy of creative inspiration and flour - in a different way is simply can not live. Therefore, an hour before his death, the artist Cavaradossi frantically looking for a pencil and paper, and Tosca - finish the game before the end of his last role, dying to the applause of his executioners, who have not been able to break her spirit.

Libretto: Luigi Illica, Giuseppe Dzhakozapo the play by Victorien Sardou
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere of the opera: January 28, 2007
The duration of the opera: 3 hours


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