The operetta «Die Fledermaus»

The operetta «Die Fledermaus»

By the famous operetta "Die Fledermaus" directed by Yuri Alexandrov turned relatively recently, but its full of sparkling humor production made a very successful premiere and immediately brought the play to the level of the best.

Masked Ball at Prince Orlovsky - the upcoming event that excites all the inhabitants of Vienna, anticipating the start of the future of fun and entertainment. Alfred, to be alone with a married Rosalind decides to get rid of the prying eyes of the servant, and buys her a ticket for the upcoming masquerade ball. Adele overjoyed - it has long been dreaming of becoming an actress, and sees this as a chance to show their talents to society.

Rosalind's husband Eisenstein, instead of going to jail because of the unpleasant event on the hunt, defer their punishment, also sent some fun. My wife, knowing about her husband's infidelity, he decides purely feminine revenge. Secretly from all she was going to a masquerade ball, where it was presented as a Hungarian countess. Remaining unrecognized, beautiful Rosalind turned his head to his unfaithful husband, and at the same time - and all the other men of Vienna.

Love, passion, betrayal, humiliation and triumph of justice - a carnival of colorful events and experiences make operetta close and understandable to modern audiences.

Libretto: Nikolai Erdman Mikhail Volpin
Stage Director: Yuri Alexandrov
Premiere: February 22, 2013
The duration of the opera: 3 hours 20 minutes


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