Gala concert «Masterpieces of World Classics»

Gala concert «Masterpieces of World Classics»

"St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" presents to all the classic style, as well as contemporary music composers of domestic and foreign excellent concert program in two parts. "Masterpieces of world classics" has long produced a sensation among music lovers of theater and music. The works, selected specifically for the gala concert, reflect a certain era in the development of the genre of music. Each next concert is own cultural gradation and direction.

It allows fans of classical music are not just enjoy the melodies and harmonious melodies, drama or pathos solemn entry, and at the same time keep an eye on those changes form and content, which occurred with the works of individual composers and with all the musical art in general.

Each soloist, coming to the stage of the theater "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" - a bright and talented individual with a superb voice, high-performance technology and an indescribable sense of style. Artistry and unmatched musicality combined with a stage of professionalism and charisma - the extension bar to the execution of operatic roles, allowing to reveal their contents to unimaginable depths ..


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