Walking Tour «Sinful Petersburg. History of the Temptations»

Walking Tour «Sinful Petersburg. History of the Temptations»

Many city residents and visitors sincerely believe that the life of St. Petersburg is not only of historical and cultural events, and to truly understand it can only be lifting the veil of a secret society, having plunged into the heart of his scandals, gossip and stories.

This tour reveals the secret life of the Romanov dynasty, which was the place and illicit love and carnal liberties and selfish relations, exposes social mores of the Petrine era, shows where in the city you can find nightlife and places kartёzhnye. Before the eyes of tourists offers all the shadow life of the grand pompous capital: loud and scandalous crimes investigation, criminal history, underground gambling, prostitution and corruption that hit like a disease, all layers of society. Just dropping for a guide on the bottom of the city life, you know the true value of sincerity and purity of the relationship that has always been important - in the past, and in our time ...

This tour - the author's project, which reveals the secret life of St. Petersburg society and looking at it from another than historians and writers, corner, which was very interesting for many people.

Duration: 2:00
Excursion Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Gathering the group and departure: pl. Arts 3
Discount tickets: schoolchildren, students, pensioners, disabled persons of all categories, veterans (with a must-have license)


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