The ballet «Flames Of Paris»

The ballet «Flames Of Paris»

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The legendary ballet about the events of the French Revolution was made in 1932 and became one of the biggest successes of the Soviet musical theater. Performance Boris Asafiev music with choreography by Vasily Vainonen back to life principal guest choreographer of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Mikhail Messerer. Restoring choreographic elements and staging, it raises the heroism and revolutionary ardor of the famous romantic setting.

Above the set design of the play works People's Artist of Russia, the main artist of the Mikhailovsky Theatre Vyacheslav Okunev. The basis of his creative solutions are the sets and costumes created for the premiere in 1932 by the artist Vladimir Dmitriev.

The ballet "Flames of Paris" decision as the people's heroic drama. His drama is based on the opposition of the aristocracy and the people, and both groups are given appropriate music and plastic characteristics. Tuileries Music in the style of court art of the XVIII century, folk images transmitted through tone of revolutionary songs and quotes from Megyulya, Beethoven and others.

Genre: Ballet
Libretto: Nikolai Volkov and Vladimir Dmitriev
Choreography: Vasily Vainonen as amended by Mikhail Messerer
Music: Boris Asafiev
Artists: Philippe - Ivan Vasiliev
Premiere: July 22, 2013
Duration: 2 hours and 10 minutes with two intermissions


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