Performance «Blessed Ksenia. Love story»

Performance «Blessed Ksenia. Love story»

Valery Fokin's play based on Vadim Levanov’s play “Blessed Xenia of Petersburg in Life”
stage version of the Alexandrinsky Theater
second edition

Valery Fokin’s performance on Blessed Xenia of Petersburg, the Saint and the heroine of many legends of the “most intentional” city in the world, has become one of the most special and significant since the premiere (February 27, 2009) both in the context of the whole theatrical Petersburg and in the creative director biographies. It is here that Fokin reinterprets the Petersburg themes that have long occupied him in the light of the spiritual transformation of a little man struggling with the moroches of an unhappy life, with fears and sufferings.

The play of Vadim Levanov, who had already become a classic of modern drama, turned to the story of a real woman who lived in St. Petersburg in the middle of the 18th century, to the fate of Ksenia Grigorievna Petrova, who suddenly lost her husband, who died without repentance, by defying self-denial, adopting the appearance of the deceased and continuing his life way, pray to his immortal soul. Before the audience will be a long series of people who met on their way with Xenia the Blessed at the time of her earthly existence and felt her close presence in the most difficult moments of Petersburg history in subsequent centuries.

The new edition of this legendary performance, which, along with the luminaries Nikolai Marton, Sergey Parshin, Galina Karelina, now included young theater artists - Anna Blinova, Nikolai Belin, Timur Akshentsev and others, still gives the audience an involvement in the spiritual heroism of the heroine, gives us today opportunity to get a little closer to understanding ourselves. As in the kaleidoscope, on the stage, epochs change, signs of the times - costumes, speech and manners. Different historical times of social life are intertwined with each other in the everlasting and eternal necessity of finding spiritual truth. Achieving this goal, according to the author of the play “Blessed Xenia. The love story ", is possible only through the feat of its own inner transformation. And only through love!

Director, author of the play: Valery Fokin
Characters and performers: Ksenia - Anna Blinova / Yanina Lakoba, Mityai - Timur Akshentsev, Vasily - Nikita Barsukov, Father Paisiy - Igor Volkov, Popadya - Julia Sokolova, Invalid - Igor Volkov, Blind - Dmitry Butev, Andrei Fedorovich - Nikolay Belin, Grandmother - Galina Karelina, Granddaughter - Nadezhda Alekseeva, 1st young man - Dmitry Buteev, 2nd young man - Vladimir Malikov, Katya - Alexander Bolshakova / Elena Vozhakina, Saltykov - Sergey Parshin, Marfusha - Svetlana Smirnova, Death - Nikolai Marton
Premiere: September 29, 2018
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes (no intermission)


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