The play «Cyrano de Bergerac»

The play «Cyrano de Bergerac»

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Stage editing by N. Roschina, A. Demidchik
on the basis of the interlinear translation by M. Zonina of the play of the same name by E. Rostand

Turning to one of the most popular plays of the world repertoire, Nikolay Roshchin staged a performance based on a new, staged version of the text based on a modern interlinear translation.

“There are almost no poems, most of the most famous scenes are not, historicism is not. There is a romance of protest, turning into a utopia of protest and fatigue of the nature of protest. But the essence, as it seems to us, did not go away and even sharpened, - the director says, - this is not a performance-illustration. Is this Cyrano possible, is it necessary with its uncompromising nature? How could this happen here and now? .. That is what we are interested in working on the heroic comedy of Rostand”.

Staging and set design, author and director: Nikolay Roshchin
Actors and performers: Cyrano de Bergerac - Ivan Volkov, Christian - Victor Shuralev, Roksana - Oksana Obukhovich / Olesya Sokolova, De Gish - Tikhon Zhiznevsky, Valver - Alexander Polamishev, Actor Monfleri - Stepan Balakshin, Shepherd - Alisa Shidlovskaya, Shepherd - Yakovlev, Carbon - Sergey Mardar, Le Bret - Igor Mosyuk, Ragno - Andrey Matyukov, Linier - Anna Seledets, Kyuzhi - Efim Rodnev, Brisaille - Ivan Suprun, Feudal - Igor Mosyuk, Cardinal, Capuchin - Dmitry Belov, Musician Betrandu - Philip Bayandin , Devils - Sergey Mardar, Andr th Matyukov, Yefim native, Ivan Suprun
Duration: 3 hours 10 minutes (with intermission)


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