Latvian romantics BrainStorm (Prata Vetra) for more than two decades firmly hold the status of the main rock band of the Baltic States. The history of the collective is the story of four childhood friends who started their musical path on the stage of the assembly hall of their native school and grew into a strong stadium team working at the leading European and Russian festivals.

The musicians are amazingly able to combine in their work three languages, creating simultaneously compositions in Latvian, Russian and English. Sincere lyrics, only a growing drive, an amazing sense of humor and charm combined with the beautiful and unmistakable voice of Renars Kaupers - all this explains the phenomenon of the band's popularity and special affection for this dashing Latvian four and an inexperienced Russian-speaking and spoiled European audience.

In the record of musicians such hits as Maybe, Colder, My Star, "Wind", "Weekend", "Millions of minutes", Thunder Without Rain, "You are not alone", "Epoch", etc. And also creative collaborations with the group Bi-2 (Slippery Streets), Casta (Steps), writer Evgeny Grishkovets and the band Begudi (At Dawn), Zemfira and her project The Uchpochmack. BrainStorm - participants of the largest Russian and European festivals, from Glastonbury and Sziget to VK-Fest and "Invasion".

April 25 the team released the 13th record, which was called Wonderful Day. It included four songs in Russian and five songs in English, as well as one song in the native Latvian for the musicians.

"Seven adult guys came together and decided to record an album about those boys who once created this band many years ago, who burned themselves and lit flames in others. We clearly managed to catch the right melodies and rhythms by the tail, and to kindle in ourselves such a coveted fire. We are sure that this heat will be felt not only by the fans of BrainStorm, but also by fans of a good, heartfelt music", - the band members say.

To visualize the new album, BrainStorm again attracted the legendary photographer and director Anton Corbein. The first single from the record was the duet BrainStorm with the only girl-resident of the Comedy Club Marina Kravets "How I searched for you", which was released in the fall of 2017. And on the eve of the release of the record, namely the International Day of Cosmonautics BrainStorm released a stunning beauty video clip for the song Wonderful Day, the fragments to which were shot at the International Space Station by the cosmonaut Roscosmos Sergei Ryazansky.

The presentation of the Wonderful Day album in St. Petersburg will take place on November 29 at the A2 Green Concert club, where not only new songs will be performed, but also the main hits of the beloved Russian public from Latvia.


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