The Play «Brodsky. The exile»

The Play «Brodsky. The exile»

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Scenic composition by Inessa Perelygina-Vladimirova

A dramatization with fragments from the poem "Gorbunov and Gorchakov", plays "Marble", poems of different years, documentary evidence from Solomon Volkov's book "Dialogues with Joseph Brodsky" was written by the director of the play and the singer of one of the roles of Inessa Perelygin-Vladimirov.

Leaving in 1972 his homeland is not of his own free will, deprived of Soviet citizenship, Joseph Brodsky wrote LI. Brezhnev: "I want to ask you to give an opportunity to preserve my existence, my presence in the literary process. It's bitter for me to leave Russia. I was born here, grew up, lived, and everything that I have for the soul, I owe it to her. Stopping being a citizen of the USSR, I cease to be a Russian poet. I belong to the Russian culture, I understand myself as a part of it, an addendum, and no change of place to the final result will not be able to influence. Language is a thing more ancient and more inevitable than the state. I believe that I will return; poets always return: in the flesh or on paper. In any case, even if my people do not need my body, my soul will still come in handy. " The poet was right. His voice, his thoughts, his immortal soul trouble, disturb, do not let forget about our great St. Petersburg compatriot. About this performance. It is important that young artists of the troupe speak about their perception of Brodsky's life and fate, his work.


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