The play «Mother courage»

The play «Mother courage»

"Mamasha Courage" - scenic fantasy of Dmitry Akrish based on the play by B. Brecht is a play-explosion, a play-revelation, a spectacle-surprise.

"Mother Courage" is a hard, at times even cruel and very frank conversation of the director about what the war can do with the human soul, and in particular with the soul of a woman, mother.

In the play, 20 actors of the "Pevtsov-Theater" studio are engaged, and all of them are participants not only of dramatic scenes, but also of dumb plastic improvisations that permeate the thread of the whole performance. "Blood of parting", "Soldiers-bespredelschiki", "Chemical war - our tomorrow", "Grave conveyor" ... is an incomplete list of improvisational etude inclusions of the performance, where actors exist at the limit of their emotional and physical abilities. These sketches make the audience cry, and sometimes close their eyes with horror. Almost unchanged following the story of Brecht, the director with the help of these sketches expands the scope of the narrative, bringing the play to the most powerful emotional and philosophical peaks.

And, of course, the main surprise of the performance is the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Olga Drozdova in the title role. As if she had forgotten all her former roles, full of femininity, tenderness, love and compassion, degenerated into a monster woman, into a man without skin, ceased to feel pain - Olga Drozdova piercingly and "drags" on herself the main theme of the play.

War is the worst invention of mankind, it destroys first of all the immortal human soul, makes the soul unfeeling, indifferent, including, even to its own pain. The most dramatic consequences of any war, the birth of soulless soul, tells the play "Mother Courage".

Duration of the performance: 2 hours 10 minutes with one intermission


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