Circus show «Empire of Lions»

Circus show «Empire of Lions»

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The circus show "Empire of the Lionesses" is a fascinating immersion in the world of tricks, incredible skill of group acrobatic numbers of aerial gymnasts under the dome of the circus and on the mast, as well as unusual attractions with charming animals, including monkeys, baboons, lapunders, cute ponies, graceful horses and real hunting hound dogs ...

A well-known trainer of an amazing fate, the program manager Vitaly Smolyanets is a real hero and a legendary man on the scale of the world circus. Once he was faced with the choice of saving a person's life or passing by. At the price of his own health, he chose the first - and he was in terrible trouble, to get out from which he was helped by colleagues in circus art. Today, a year after the terrible tragedy, Vitaly Smolyanets again goes into the arena to his lionesses and tigers, surprising and delighting the audience with his magnificent art of dressing and love for the circus! ...

The owner of the Golden Prize of the International Circus Festival in Izhevsk, the laureate of the international circus award "Master", the owner of all the highest awards at the world festival "IDOL"


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