Evening of friends of the Festival «Palaces of St. Petersburg»

Evening of friends of the Festival «Palaces of St. Petersburg»

We invite you to celebrate the first day of summer in the circle of star friends of the Festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg" in the renovated mansion. Bryullov! On June 1, a unique evening will take place at the Briullov Mansion: beautiful music, favorite artists, chamber atmosphere, champagne, friendly reception with refined appetizers, acquaintance with the interiors and the history of one of the city's most interesting mansions, which is finally saved from undeserved oblivion. In the cozy chamber atmosphere of the mansion, viewers will be able to enjoy the virtuosic play of the young talented German pianist Daniel Lebhart in close proximity. Daniel's gift is not only marked by loud awards, but is appreciated by European music lovers and world concert agencies, who seek to get an opportunity to work with a young talented pianist.

The Italian temperamental note in this concert will bring the favorite artist of the Petersburg public, virtuoso accordionist Simone Zankini. Expressive and virtuosic Simone Zankini is famous throughout the world as a master of improvisations. But it's not only the performing style that fascinates viewers of Zankini. Amazing and the tools that are created by Italian artists on his projects. So, for example, Zankini is the owner of the only wooden accordion in the world.This evening, guests will enjoy a great string duo. Honored Artists of Russia Sergei Slovachevsky (cello) and Maria Safaryants (violin) will perform a masterpiece of the Baroque era famous Passacaglia Handel

The ensemble "Style Five" this evening will introduce the audience to the completely new possibilities of Russian folk instruments. Unique arrangements, skilful interweaving of electronic musical instruments, virtuosic performance-all this glorified the "Style of Five" not only in Russia, but all over the world. The collective first performed in the ensemble with Simone Zankini. A wonderful musical program will be held in the walls of the renovated "Mansion of AP Bryullov". The history of the mansion is closely intertwined with the history of Russia and its heroes. One of the first owners of the house was the first sea minister of the Russian Empire Pavel Chichagov. In one of the periods the naval minister Nikolai Krabbe lived here, who transformed and modernized the Russian fleet. Krabbe is known for his patronizing the young composer N.Rimsky-Korsakov. His "name" mansion was given in honor of the famous architect Alexander Bryullov, the author of the Pulkovo Observatory, the Mikhailovsky Theater, the Lutheran Church on Nevsky.


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