Oleg Mityaev

Oleg Mityaev

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Oleg Mityaev - People's Artist of Russia, a member of the Writers' Union, twice winner of the National Award "Ovation", winner of the Prize Fund of Russian poetry. Around his name much controversy: some fans bard unconditionally give him "the first place", others also say unequivocally that this genre, he has nothing. But those and others pay tribute to the undoubted talent of Oleg. His song "It's great that we are all gathered here today" know and sing all. Widespread popularity got his "neighbor", "Frenchwoman", "Good morning, darling," "brave, people soon summer", "Summer of - a small life" and many of his songs.

Oleg has written extensively on each of his concert in St. Petersburg, he represents the new songs, so it will be this time. The author will be presented to the public the new, is the third book of songs. Concerts by Oleg Mitiaeva - it's always a pleasant surprise. He sincerely and simply communicating with the audience, it is unpredictable, witty and lyrical at the same time.

The duration of the concert 2 hours 30 minutes, with intermission.


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