Play «Ksenia. Love story»

Play «Ksenia. Love story»

"The deliberate" on planet Earth City, St. Petersburg, continues to waft regular performances, which are like pearls, caught from the river Fontanka, or found not far from the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Valery Fokin found another such gem, when he created a worthy successor to his "St. Petersburg cycle" poetic images which spring from the legendary past and the present St. Petersburg.

"Ksenia. Love Story "under the gaze of the director reveals the unimaginable depths of the soul of Russian people. His constant internal conflict generated by the collision of candor and bright aspirations aggressive voracity soulless society. How to survive in an environment where everyone wants to be omitted and the subjugation of everyone? As with the peace of fresh and joyful perception? How not to succumb to the destructive personality pernicious effects of the perennial "winners of life", it is easy to step even after their loved ones on the way to the desired?

Only through improved internal feat - says his statement of Valery Fokin. Only through an inner transformation. But not all surrounding you actually itself and, in the first place. And immediately come to mind the words of Socrates: "Do you want to change the world, start little by little to change ourselves."

Genre: performance, drama
Director: Valery Fokin
Starring: J. Lakoba, Zakharov, S. Balakshin, Volkov, Y. Sokolov, I. Volkov, T. Zhiznevsky, G. Karelin, O. Sokolov, A. Matyukov, S. Balakshin, A. Bolshakov E. Vozhakina and other
Premiere: 27 February 2009
Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes without intermission


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