Play «Liturgy Zero»

Play «Liturgy Zero»

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"The Zero", or in English the word "zero" - the symbol of emptiness, which is ready to surrender to earnestly, entirely, any player in the roulette. And in our modern society - any reckless man, turning out full of personality in a virtual fiction, disintegrating before our eyes of their loved ones.

The play was created based on the famous autobiographical novel FM Dostoyevsky - "The Gambler". It should be noted that the author has played an important role in the creative fate of the director of the play, Valery Fokin. His thesis was directly related to one of the works of the great Russian writer. A "Double" put it continues to go on stage Alexandrinsky Theatre for 11 years. Fokin also repeatedly returned to the deep, in his opinion, the works of Dostoevsky - "Bobok" and "Notes from the Underground".

What caught the attention of Valery Fokin's novel "The Gambler"? First of all, the degree of negative impact, unconditional power over the individual and the human consciousness that has any gambling. Once in the hands of the player turns the card or token, if it substitutes. He no longer sees and hears nothing around except hum spinning roulette. It was all given to the power of Themis, forgetting about the most intimate and best in himself. Even his own soul for the player is ready to give another batch of chips in play.

Genre: Performance, drama
Director: Valery Fokin
Actors: A. Shahin, Polamishev A., Bolshakova A., M. Zimin, Volkov, A. Looshin, S. Parshin, T. Zhiznevsky, O. Sokolova, E. Ziganshin, S. Elika and other
Premiere: 10 November 2012
Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission


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