Bremen Town Musicians on Ice

Bremen Town Musicians on Ice

St. Petersburg Children's Ice Theater invites children and parents to their new site - Lenexpo. On May 19 and 20, Pavilion 8A will feature a performance based on the legendary Soviet cartoon musical "Bremen Musicians on Ice". We invite all schoolchildren, preschoolers, grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and dads to mark the end of the school year in the New Children's Ice Theater!

St. Petersburg Children's Ice Theater presents the performance "Bremen musicians on ice" based on the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm and the animated film of the same name. About 50 years ago, the absolutely untypical cartoon film "The Bremen Town Musicians" appeared on the screens of the Soviet Union. A musical fantasy about unusual, very dangerous and hilarious adventures of the Bremen musicians: Troubadour, a cat, a dog, a rooster and a donkey, was loved by many generations of spectators. According to poet Yuri Entin, who composed poems for all the songs that sounded in the Bremen Musicians, the idea to create this "cartoon musical" came to the creators suddenly: "In the courtyard were the 1960s, the world was ruled by hippies, even we had what it is the unreal smell of freedom. And we were very young, and we desperately wanted to do something different. "

The "Bremen musicians on ice" involved skaters who participated in the world's ice shows. The Olympic champion and artistic director of the St. Petersburg Children's Ice Theater, Elena Berezhnaya, appears in the image of the Beautiful Princess. Original scenery, new technologies 3D mapping, modern special effects, dizzying tricks, circus tricks will create a truly magical atmosphere of the holiday, which will be remembered for adults and children.

With the use of video projections, the ice cover in a few seconds turns into all possible scenery, literally dipping the audience into the amazing landscapes of the royal square or wild forest, where the hideous shining of the terrible robbers' hut.

Nobody will be left indifferent by the favorite music written by Gennady Gladkov and songs on verses by Jury Entin. The authors of the libretto are Vasily Livanov and Yuri Entin. All songs are voiced live ensemble, which is on a specially built stage. A beautiful fairy tale on ice, figure skating of the highest level and fresh sea air of the bay will make your family weekend unforgettable!


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