Ballet «Spartacus». Premiere!

Ballet «Spartacus». Premiere!

Ballet "Spartacus" - ballet in 9 scenes of Aram Khachaturian. The original script of the ballet was written by the playwright Nikolai Volkov, the literary basis for the script was various historical materials and works of art.
The Roman consul Crassus returns to Rome with triumph. Among his captives, doomed to slavery, Thracian ruler Spartacus and his beloved Phrygia. A proud and courageous man, he protests against the inhumanity of the Romans, but the forces are not equal. Spartacus says goodbye to Phrygia, who becomes a slave to Crassus.

In the palace of Crassus there is an orgy. Curtisan Aegina is alarmed by the Consul's interest in the young woman, and she involves Crassus in a frenzied dance. At the height of the orgy, Crassus orders the gladiators to be brought. They must fight to death in helmets with a blind visor, not seeing the enemy. The victorious Spartacus, with despair, discovers that he killed his comrade. Tragedy awakens in him anger and Spartacus decides to fight for freedom. He calls the captured gladiators to revolt. They swear allegiance to him and flee from Rome under his leadership. The gladiators are joined by the shepherds, and the rebellious people proclaims Spartacus their leader.

The search for Phrygia leads Spartacus to the villa of Crassus. But not the debt of the joy of meeting lovers - the villa is sent to the procession of patricians, headed by Aegina. She longed to seduce and conquer Crassus. At his villa, Crassus celebrates the victory. But the palace is surrounded by the rebels, and Crassus and Aegina are forced to flee. The rebellious gladiators take prisoner consul, but Spartacus does not want to be punished - in a fair fight he defeats Crassus and drives him away in disgrace. Jubilant rebels praise the victory of Spartacus. Crassus gathers the legionnaires. And Aegina devises a cunning plan - to sow discord in the camp of the rebels.

Spartacus is happy with Phrygia. However, the news of Crass' new campaign comes. Spartacus offers to take the fight. But many of his military leaders leave their leader. Spartacus anticipates a tragic end, but for the sake of freedom is ready to give his life. Aegina, along with courtesans, seduces gladiators and lures them into a trap. Crassus craves revenge, he does not have enough victory - he needs the death of humiliating him Spartacus. Legionaries surround Spartacus's troops. In an unequal battle, his friends die and he himself. Phrygia finds Spartacus's body. She mourns for him, full of faith in the immortality of his deed


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