The play «Macbeth»

The play «Macbeth»

The tragedy of W. Shakespeare's "Macbeth" - the first production of the famous European director Luc Perceval in Russia. It is no coincidence that for his "Russian debut" the director chose the "Baltic House", with which he has collaborated for more than ten years and repeatedly called him his "native Russian home".

The director never considered Macbeth from the usual for all parties. The main theme in the tragedy for him is the most intimate and the most dangerous - the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Relationships that first create a feeling, and then easily can this feeling of incineration. Especially if there is someone third! A man, a woman and ... power. The desire of the authorities actually becomes an attempt to replace, fill the emptiness that is formed when the relationship is exhausted. A person tries to replace one, but for him the only thing, a being, having subjugated millions. In this case, he is doomed!


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