The play «Ideal Husband»

The play «Ideal Husband»

Lord and Lady Chiltern is an ideal and decent family: he is a successful politician with an unblemished reputation, she is a virtue that adores her husband. But the illusory well-being of the couple is fragile. In London, there is a Mrs. Cheveley, a blackmailer and intriguer, threatening Lord Chiltern with exposure. The fact is that many years ago he uncovered secret state information to an unclean deal maker. And now Mrs. Civley puts Robert Chiltern before the choice: to destroy his reputation or to let himself be involved in a new scam.

Robert Chilternu is taken to help his friend - frivolous lord Goring, who has his trump cards against the blackmailer. But the situation is getting more confused. Because such feelings as love, drive, jealousy, revenge are involved in its orbit ... Being an elegant comedy, Oscar Wilde's "Ideal Husband" ironically ridicules the norms of public morality, returning to one question: are ideal relations possible, and are we able to forgive a loved one a man of his weakness and imperfection.


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