The play «Bless You, Sir»

The play «Bless You, Sir»

"Bless you, monsieur" - a hilarious comedy with almost a detective story about the imaginary death of a well-known writer suddenly reveals the true face of his relatives and friends. And the blame for everything is the proverbial struggle for inheritance. Intrigue, complicated relationship of heroes, as well as an unexpected outcome - who in the end will be the winner .. This performance will cause the viewer not only laughter but also need to think about their own honor, decency and human relationships, built not on money, but on? love, respect and trust. The premiere of "Be Healthy, Monsieur" was held in Moscow in January 2014 with a full house and half an hour of audience applause! The main role in the production is played by the People's Artist of the Russian Federation Leonid Arkadievich Yakubovich.


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