The play "Fools"

The play "Fools"

Very funny and touching story about the eternal search for love and happiness by women. Everything happens in the 90s of the last century, the new-found oligarchs, killers, competitors and against the backdrop of all this two friends who are looking for their place under the sun. One of them has already smiled happiness: she works as a servant to the oligarch and wants to attach her girlfriend, who has big problems in business and personal life. All this is accompanied by a mass of comical situations that will invariably cause a storm of emotions and laughter. Masters of youth humor are employed in the play: Timur Tania (series "Friendship of Peoples", captain of "Narta" team of Abkhazia), Peter Vince (KVN "Children of Lieutenant Schmidt"), Nadezhda Angarskaya and Dorofeeva Tatyana (Comedy Woman) and Maria Shekunova (TV series " Cool guys").


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