Immersive show «Faceless»

Immersive show «Faceless»

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October 5 Petersburg is waiting for the premiere of the new season of the show "Faceless." The creators of the largest immersion show in Europe will present a rethought version of the sensational project.

At the premiere on October 5, the audience will see the updated show "Faceless." Directors Miguel and Mia Zanetti reworked the structure of the play so that each viewer saw the play from a new angle and completely traced the development of intricate story lines.

Miya Zanetti: "Faceless" has become more saturated and dynamic. In a fresh version of the show, the story of each hero is filled with meanings and develops so that the viewer can see several performances in one".

The main innovation of the season is not one, but three lump-sum finals of the show.

Miguel: "What the finale sees the viewer, depends only on him. In a tangle of accidents, you fill the scene with a new meaning, getting in the end not only a unique experience, but also your own final of the show".

Immersive show is a theater of total immersion in which the viewer from the witness turns into an accomplice in what is happening. In "Faceless" there are no classical scenes and a passive observer. The action takes place simultaneously on four floors of the old mansion on the Palace Embankment, 20, and the guests decide for whom and where to follow.

An important element of what is happening is a mask that hides the faces of visitors to the mansion. Whatever happens, it will become a guarantee of security, anonymity and impunity.

An international team of professionals took part in the creation of the "Faceless": director, producer and choreographer Miguel, American director Miya Zanetti (theater company Journey Lab, New York), composer, leader of Therr Maitz Anton Belyaev and St. Petersburg designer Alina Herman. The scenario of the show, written by Miya Zanetti, is inspired by the play "Ghosts" by Henrik Ibsen. "Faceless" is the preface that tells about the events that happened on the eve of those described in the drama of the Norwegian playwright.

"Faceless" - a prequel to the Moscow immersive show "Returned", nominated for the Golden Mask 2018 Award in the category "Experiment". Both plots are in the same semantic and artistic space, offering the viewer the freedom of action already at the stage of choosing the city.

The premiere of "Faceless" was held on November 9 last year. For 10 months the largest immersive theater in Europe was visited by more than 12 thousand spectators, the show became the owner of the "Best Performance 2017" award in the version of the KudaGo Internet portal, entered the SPIEF-2018 cultural program and the special program "Access Points" - the largest forum in Russia, specializing in immersion and site-specific art.

In summer, the creators of the show announced the transfer of "Faceless" to a new venue in Moscow, but a huge number of requests from viewers and unprecedented sellouts sold out the final screenings forced to change the decision to move and start updating the project in St. Petersburg. As a gratitude to the spectators for the special support of the performance, the special price for tickets, acting within the closing season, will remain in the new season of the show (3,500 rubles and 15,000 rubles vip tickets).

Duration of show: 2 hours 40 minutes


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