A literary evening with Benjamin Smekhova

A literary evening with Benjamin Smekhova

Veniamin Borisovich Smekhov - Soviet and Russian actor of the legendary "Taganka Theater" director of TV shows and documentaries, writer and writer will present his poetic program "Hello, however ..." This evening, poetry will be heard not only from your favorite poets - Yesenin, Pushkin, Mandelstam, Samoilov, Tvardovsky, but also personal memories from a new book dedicated to the memory of a friend - Vladimir Semenovich Vysotsky ... Or, as the author himself says: "... maybe I'm writing about Volodya in gratitude for what he did from me and continued is doing, despite the calendar and the weather ... "

Literary evening on the stage of the Music Hall will be held with an intermission, duration is 2 hours, 20 minutes. After the performance, the audience will have the opportunity to sign a book from VB. Smekhova - "Hello, however ..." Viewers will be presented as previously published essays, and pages of diaries Smekhova 1973-1980. "In this book - a big run of age, and the difference between Vysotsky at 26 (1964, the first season of the theater) and 42 years (1980), the reader will easily hear in diary entries, letters and dialogues," writes Benjamin Borisovich "When we were together at rehearsals and in performances - it was one song at all, so in the first chapters our general sounds:" ... We are all here, as in the hunters' pack, We are all trying to catch up with the era ... " in the last chapters - next to me, 77-year-old, forever 42-year-old Vladimir Vysotsky - native, but still unsolved poet of Russia: "My poo One, only one, guys. I have no choice, fortunately, not given "...


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