The play «Roses from Rajskie»

The play «Roses from Rajskie»

This is a true story about people put to life in the rigid framework of choice. Sooner or later, each of our actions in the past will echo in today's day. 1957year. The action takes place on a Pacific liner that goes to Brazil. Diplomat Walter goes to Rio together with his charming wife Lizhen. But quiet family happiness and well-being hide the tragic events and phantoms of the past. On the ship, Lizhen meets Martha, a Polish woman, one of the many thousands imprisoned in the Nazi camp, in which Lizhen was the guard of the SS ... The executioner and his victim are meeting.

How will the heroes behave? Who of them is ready to forgive? Or take the past? Is Lizhen ready to be justified? And how the terrible truth will change their destinies? On these difficult questions artists of the Moscow Theater on Taganka will try to answer together with the audience. The story is based on real events.


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