The play «Anna Karenina»

The play «Anna Karenina»

A woman without a past and no future. The woman who destroys. Mystical figure, demonic character. Anna Karenina is faced with the fact that she does not know herself and her desires. Does she love Vronsky? Does he hate Karenin? Does she need a son? And why, in the end, she rushes under the train?

This is not a love story. Not the story of treason. This is a tragedy: ancient Greek, universal. This chorus of voices is in Karenina's head, a chorus of her passions and desires that push her into the arms of another and then push out of life.

One of the iconic characters of world literature gets a new interpretation in the production of the famous actor and director Alexander Galibin. Together with the playwright Elena Gremina, he explores not only the tragedy of the Woman, but also eternal themes: the relationship of the spouses, the mother and the child, friendship and betrayal, love and hatred.

Genre: Drama
Director: Alexander Galibin
Actors: Irina Savitskova, Alexander Muravitsky, Alexander Galibin, Valery Soloviev


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