The play «French Prodigal»

The play «French Prodigal»

Contemporary French sitcom. She elegantly and ingeniously plays the story of unequal romance novels. Love for all ages! Who at least once in my life has not heard this French proverb? In our performance everyone is in love, despite the difference in age and social status. Heroes constantly fall into ridiculous, uncomfortable situations, trying to get out of them. The father accepts the groom's daughter for the lover of his ex-wife, and the wife, accepts the same bridegroom for the lover of her ex-husband. Piles of nonsense swiftly and inexorably roll to the denouement.

But even the most astute and sophisticated spectators can not foresee an unexpected ending! Because it is also unpredictable, like life itself and love, which inspires, inspires and beautifies our world. Elegant dialogues that carry a subtle French humor and poetry of the relationship between a man and a woman will not leave indifferent the most demanding theatricalist, and a mild sadness in the transience of human life, perhaps, will cause you a good smile.


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