The play «Oh, Will, My Will»

The play «Oh, Will, My Will»

The play was staged in 2010 on the works of V. M. Shukshin. The fate of Shukshin himself in the play is told by the heroes of his works. In the play the songs of the Don Cossacks sound. The play is an attempt to recreate the main and tragically incomplete work of VM Shukshin about the Russian riot, about the will, about destiny and, at the same time, like almost all the works of A. Gruntovsky - this is a play-life (life) the main character on the background of an epic show of the history of Russia. When working on the script, letters and memoirs, as well as works by Vasily Makarovich himself, were used. First of all, the novel "I Come to Give You Will", as well as stories and film stories: "Mother's Dreams", "Red Kalina", "Stove-shops", "Strange People", "Such a Guy Lives." In this performance, the principle of folkloric archaic action shows itself very clearly, when it would seem that static scenes connected with unhurried Cossack songs suddenly acquire stage dynamics.


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