The play «Three Wishes Antiquary»

The play «Three Wishes Antiquary»

Sooner or later each person asks himself: "Who am I and why I live, what is important and what is not in this life." What is valuable and what is priceless. " "Three desires of the antiquarian or the nonsense of a rich goat" is a very funny story about people living in an elite country village in a luxury house, and believing that their life was a success. They are rich, in demand and independent. Moreover, many in this life depend on them. And one day, fate makes a sharp turn and the happy life is adjusted, collapsing, leaving no chance.

Resisting the blows of fate, the hero tries to find a way out of the situation, and he has a reassessment of values. Everything that seemed important and valuable becomes ridiculous and meaningless. Battling with fate, he and his entourage discover many talents and skills, which they did not even suspect. They begin to live by the new rules, and before them the same truth is revealed - why we live. Songs and dances, jokes and the sparkling game of your favorite artists will not leave you indifferent and will undoubtedly cheer you up if you watch the play "Three wishes of the antiquarian or the foolishness of a rich goat"


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