The play «Little Mermaid»

The play «Little Mermaid»

"The Little Mermaid" is a world-famous and very-very sad story about true love. Based on this Andersen's tale, St. Petersburg composer Ilya Partas wrote an opera for children and adults. This is the theatrical debut of the young author, as well as the debut of the director Maria Papileva and the artist Daria Zditovetskaya.

If you ask yourself whether it is possible to talk with children about sacrificial and unselfish love, the deep meaning of which is not always understood by adults, the theater's response is unequivocal: it is not only possible but necessary! As for the great Andersen, and for the creators of the play, above all, the idea of ​​selfless love, the ability to give your life for the sake of a loved one and his happiness, even if he does not belong to you, is important. "Tender and transparent as a rose petal, with deep blue eyes" The Little Mermaid will captivate you now in a sea of ​​beautiful opera music, intelligible to any age. In "Through the Looking Glass" they believe in their audience!


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