The play «Theatrical Novel»

The play «Theatrical Novel»

The play "Theatrical Novel" will be the first premiere of the Theater Festival "Baltic House" in the new year.

At the heart of the play is the confessional text of M.A. Bulgakov's "Theatrical novel" or "Notes of the deceased" (the first title of the novel), written by him in 1936 under the impression of working with Stanislavsky in the Moscow Art Theater.

"Theatrical novel" is one of the most witty and significant texts of the 20th century. This is the story of the writer Sergei Maksudov, who gets into the magical world of the theatrical backstage. The more the author of the play captivates the vortex of acting, stage bustle, bohemian life, the more he doubts whether his play will be put and whether it will in fact be his play. Maksudova is torn apart by the contradictory feeling of love-hate, and the fascination with the theater is replaced by despair. Does Maksudov already want a premiere?

The St. Petersburg musical group "Che Morale" representing the direction "happy music" will perform as a theatrical orchestra. The play "Theatrical Novel" will be the final part of the Bulgakov trilogy in the "Baltic House": today the theater staged performances "Master and Margarita" directed by Jonas Vaitkus and "Zoykina apartment" staged by Yuri Yadrovsky.


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