The play «Uncle Vanya»

The play «Uncle Vanya»

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The play "Uncle Vanya" on the plot is nothing more than the prehistory of Anton Chekhov's play, played out in acting sketches. This is human and modern history, because the actor always molds the character from himself, from his life experience and from his time. What usually passes secretly from the audience, in the process of creating images of the play - the birth of the character, the creation of the actor's biography, preceding the beginning of the action of the play - all this will appear before the viewer in the form of a play telling about biographies and long-standing relationships of the play's heroes. However, if among the spectators there are those who are not familiar with the characters of "Uncle Vanya", they will recognize them directly at the play, and the more clearly they will become for them the actions of Chekhov's heroes in the play. And, although "Uncle Vanya" will not become a penetration into the holy saints of the theatrical process for the audience - rehearsal, they will still have the opportunity to look into the actor's creative workshop ...


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