The play «Love. New York. And Woody Allen»

The play «Love. New York. And Woody Allen»

The characters of Woody Allen's play are the modern New York establishment, two married couples for 40 - successful lawyer Sam and the successful psychoanalyst Phyllis, screenwriter Howard and his wife Carol. One day, Sam announces Phyllis that he is leaving her to start a new life with a new girlfriend. Inviting Carol to discuss the circumstances of treason, Phyllis discovers that she is the same "razluchnitsa." Gradually, the apartment of Sam and Phyllis is filled with all the actors of the family "drama", to be checked by a flashing comedy. The heroes drink alcohol and barbiturates, they try to shoot themselves, they fight, they do it all, never stopping for a minute with sharp remarks resembling a session of psychoanalysis, unrivaled master of which is the Hollywood director and screenwriter Woody Allen. In the dialogues of the well-dressed, well-off, modern bourgeois, hysterical intonations of urban neurasthenics with complexes similar to our own are clearly audible.


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