Show «Clothed Maja»

Show «Clothed Maja»

In the show "Maha dressed" in a single kaleidoscope collected works of the Baroque, Renaissance and New Age, folk and classical Spanish dance, as well as circus art! We invite you to immerse yourself in dreams about Spain, in the atmosphere of palaces and picturesque cities, swim across the ocean on a pirate ship and return to Cadiz from the time of Napoleon - all this through music and dance of different times. And also through the unique costumes that formed the basis for the idea of ​​the show.

The participants of the project, the dancer and choreographer Amor, the acrobatic duet "Velvet", the young actors from St. Petersburg and the ensemble of ancient music "Tanedores" - a unique union that creates the most unusual theatrical project in the Spanish theme, which has no analogues in our country at the moment. In it you can get acquainted not only with the widely untwisted choreography in the flamenco style, but also with little-known genres of Spanish dance from classical to folk, and also with experimental productions.


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